**Noting the U.S. dairy business has faced a "tumultuous period" during the pandemic, a report says exports of several dairy products have risen compared to a year ago.

The USDA says the outlook has "brightened considerably" for dairy exports, as markets around the world have adjusted to shifting demand.

Exports of milk powder, whey and other products have increased, though USDA forecasts lower exports of cheese and butter.

**Datassential found in a recent survey that many foodservice operators are purchasing less fresh product as they reduce their order frequency to adjust for lower demand.

CEO Jack Li tells thepacker.com, this is not because they don’t want fresh product, it’s because the product can go bad. You used to be able to get deliveries every couple of days, now you’re getting deliveries every seven, eight days, or even 10.

Li said that 51% of operators reported buying less fresh product, while 25% said they are buying more frozen.

**Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says the USDA is looking at options for future coronavirus relief for producers.

Perdue tells agweb.com, USDA is in the process of evaluating the COVID-19 impacts on the ag economy and looking at the “lessons learned so far” as another round of CFAP may be considered.

This comes as lawmakers are furiously trying to pass another economic stimulus package, before August recess.

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