**After a record-breaking sophomore year that’s not over yet, Cosmic Crisp® apple’s growth trajectory indicates it will hit the top of the apple chart in no time.

According to www.thepacker.com, Nielsen data shows Cosmic Crisp hitting #11 in sales dollars for March, and #14 over the past year.

Retailers that aren’t currently selling Cosmic Crisp® apples are missing out on sales and customer expectations.

Nielsen data shows a 595% increase in sales and 720% in volume for March alone.


**Potential thieves in rural California have been using drones to locate equipment and tools they want to steal, many that can’t be seen from a public road.

Authorities in Solano County report arresting two suspects in drone-related thefts, and deputies describe similar situations in other rural-crimes.

They’ve warned farmers to keep valuable equipment out of sight from the air if possible, as well as locking it after use.


**Participants in the USDA’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC, may soon see a temporary increase to their benefits for purchasing fruits and vegetables.

With $490 million provided by the American Rescue Plan

Act, USDA has offered states, tribal nations and territories the option of boosting the cash-value voucher benefit by more than THREE TIMES for up to four months to provide additional relief.

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