**President Trump’s trade deal may have been short on details about Chinese ag purchases, but Brazil’s two-year, non-stop soybean bonanza will likely come to an end.

But, agweb.com reports, while China agreed to spend about $32-billion more in U.S. farm goods annually over the next two years, Brazil soy won’t be squeezed out of the equation entirely.

Traders and analysts say it’s more likely harvesting cycles and price differentials will push the market back to the old status quo.

**China reopened to U.S. beef in 2017, but technical restrictions kept the cost of producing and processing China-eligible beef very high and made it difficult to gain U.S. market share.

U.S. Meat Export Federation’s Travis Arp says the "Phase One" trade agreement will ease or eliminate many restrictions and expand opportunities for U.S. beef.

He notes China has committed to following international standards on hormone use, modifying traceability requirements and removing the 30-month cattle age limit.

**Pro Farmer's Jim Wiesemeyer says the White House is in negotiations for President Trump to travel to India in the coming weeks, possibly to sign a mini trade deal.

According to agweb.com, in this week's DC Signal to Noise podcast, Wiesemeyer, Farm Journal dairy editor Anna-Lisa Laca and Farm Journal News Director John Herath offer up important details of Phase-One, the USMCA and the politics that went on behind the scenes.

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