**There’s a move to prevent USDA from preempting false advertising claims for beef.

On Tuesday, R-CALF USA submitted a motion to file a brief in the Tenth Circuit Court to prevent the “Federal Meat Inspection Act” from governing both beef LABELING and beef ADVERTISING.

R-CALF CEO Bill Bullard says the goal is to prevent the court from inadvertently expanding the scope of FMIA, which would render future claims against the false advertisement of domestic or imported beef all but impossible.

**Steam treatments of soil appear successful in reducing weeds in vegetable fields, and University of California farm advisors say they’re studying ways to make the process more practical.

Heating soil to about 150 degrees with steam can kill weed seeds before they germinate, but can be too expensive and time-consuming.

By treating a narrow band of soil in the field, farm advisors say the process becomes more affordable.

**When the pandemic began, many analysts were concerned about the outlook for dairy exports, but dairy has posted record high exports month over month since then.

Now, the U.S. Dairy Export Council believes two factors could lead to another year of record exports.

The first is volumes of U.S. whey exports to China that hit an all-time high in October, a 64% increase from a year earlier.

And, nonfat dry milk and skimmed milk powder shipments in October is also up, 9%.

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