**New research finds the risk of African swine fever entering the U.S. hog population has nearly doubled in the last year.

University of Minnesota veterinarian, Dr. Andres Perez says "It doesn't mean we're going to have an epidemic."

According to agrimarketing.com, the study suggests there's a high probability that ASF has already made its way to a major U.S. hub through the smuggling of pork products, but U.S. Customs and Border Protection have prevented the virus from entering the country.

**Union Gap-based Kwik Lok has introduced the Eco-Lok bag closure, made with renewable starch from potatoes and corn called NuPlastiq.

Kwik Lok’s Karen Reed tells thepacker.com, the bag decreases greenhouse gas impact by up to 20%, and the use of petroleum-based product as much as 20%.

Reed says “Sustainable options are something consumers are really pushing for.”

Kwik Lok launched the Eco-Lok with bakery customers first and, over the summer, moved it into produce.

**The U.S. Senate has passed legislation to address a shortage of agricultural inspectors at borders who inspect imports for invasive species and other potential threats.

Co-sponsor of the bill awaiting House approval, Michigan Senator Gary Peters tells agweb.com reports, the Protecting America’s Food & Agricultural Act of 2019 authorizes Customs and Border Protection to hire inspectors, support staff and canine teams for all ports of entry.

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