Have you recently been snooped on by Google? Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson says, "YES!", so he's suing them. Attorney General Ferguson is not out here playing games with these Google folks!


There's this thing in Google that has been tracking us (secretly, mind you) through our phones in the "Location History", as Q13 News reports. Users can turn off the tracking in their settings, but Attorney General Ferguson maintains that Google continued to track users in secret.

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"Google denied consumers the ability to choose whether Google could track their sensitive location data to make a profit." - Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson


According to some reports, Google is not only tracking so much information about you right now, they are keeping tabs on videos you are watching on YouTube (SpreadPrivacy.com).

If you are using Google via cell phones, laptops, and desktop browsing, it is possible you are still being tracked if you do not manually turn off the Location History in your settings. AG Ferguson intends to prove Google has loopholes in place to continue tracking location histories and will do so in state district court.

Google spokespeople are maintaining their innocence in the alleged secret tracking of consumers.

Two other states besides Washington (Indiana and Texas) and the District of Columbia are also suing Google over this alleged practice. Google has a monopoly on search engine searches with at least 92% of all online searches in the globe, according to Statista.com.

If you want detailed instructions on how to turn off your Google Location History, this tutorial from Google may be able to help you.


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