Nearly 400 farm, nutrition and conservation groups have written congressional budget letters urging Senate and House leaders to reject calls for additional cuts to the 2014 Farm Bill. The groups say Congress passed sweeping changes to the nation’s food and farm policy that included significant deficit reduction just over one year ago. The 2014 Farm Bill required over three years of debate in both chambers of Congress and ended with the consolidation of over 100 programs and cuts to mandatory spending across many titles.

Fine Americas, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of plant growth regulators for the fruit industry, today announced that 10 more states have granted registrations for its new Kudos® plant growth regulator. Kudos now is registered in most states and is approved for use on apples, sweet cherries, grass grown for seed and peanuts. In apples and sweet cherries, Kudos reduces vegetative shoot growth and lessens the need for summer and/or dormant season pruning. In addition, it improves fruit color in red and bi-color apple varieties by allowing for better light penetration into the tree canopy.

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