Sad times at the Ettl household these days as our dog Dewey is dealing with some kind of serious heart ailment.  While we wait for test results and contemplate the inevitable, we are at least entertained daily by our two new twin kittens.

They are a few months old now and they get into everything.  I want to hate them but I can't and so the question is how best to co-exist!

One suggestion comes from  Dr. David Grimm, a deputy editor of Science magazine who says he thinks more cat owners should walk their pets.

The Daily Mail  reports that he thinks we should treat cats more like dogs and that includes outside exercise.

Grimm thinks we should let our cats outside for thirty to sixty minutes a day to rove yards, stroll sidewalks, and disappear into shrubbery...pick them up when they head for the street.....whistle or clap when they begin stalking a bird and we should have a bag of treats ready when it's time to call them back indoors.

Where is society at with the idea as of today?  The hashtag #catwalking has over 38,000 Instagram posts so somebody is on board. (Daily Mail


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