There aren’t a lot of workforce entry level jobs for students these days.  Neighborhood lemonade stands, door-to-door cookie sales and mowing lawns come to mind but one Alabama student is taking his lawn mowing act on the road!

 Rodney Smith found his own nonprofit called Raising Men Lawn Care Service, which mows lawns for elderly and disabled customers as well as single parents and military personnel.   Sounds like a great idea and to help promote his endeavor, this past Monday 5-22 he was in Washington State to mow a lawn.  Sounds a bit far ranging for an Alabama boy?  He’s just warming up.  The evergreen state was his 17th state to find a lawn to mow with 33 more states to go!

UPI reports that Mr.  Smith is  working on a master's degree in social work and his ambitious  50-state project is a challenge for him and hopefully an inspiration for other young people to do good for their communities.  (UPI)

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