Back in the late '80's Saturday Night Live comics Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon played the characters Hanz and Franz. They were a couple of muscle bound Austrian weight lifters with Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque accents who guaranteed that if you followed them, they could "Pump You Up" and turn you from a "girly man into a manly man".  It was a funny bit and the phrases"Pump You Up" and  "girly man" found their way into the culture and media.
Those characters eventually left the show as the actors moved on, but in 2014 the two popped up again in a State Farm Insurance commercial where they attempt to help train the discount-double-check guy, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers    It was quite funny and Rodger's low-key commercial persona was perfect.
As part of the training regiment that included pulling a tank and paddling a kayak fast enough to pull the water skiing Hanz and Franz, the duo forced mass consumption of protein shakes.
And on that point the muscle heads may have been on to something.

New research indicates that if you look to make some muscle gains you might want to chug a protein shake right before bed. Researchers from the Netherlands looked at lifters, and found those given a nightly pre-sleep protein shake ended up with more strength and muscle size compared to those given half of an energy-free drink before sleeping.

The Daily Mail reports there was also evidence that consuming protein before hitting the hay improves sleep quality and helps people stay slim.

Sounds like a win-win way to Pump You Up!!!

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