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It won't be long before you'll see an ad for the first Christmas bazaar.  Chances are you'll see it as a chance to shop for ornaments and assorted swag to get your home in the holiday spirit. So you go and you browse and right there on the table, next to the nativity scene and the wooden nutcracker, is the Santa ornament with Santa wearing a Coronavirus mask!  You wake up.  Whoa, must have been a dream.

To calm down and help get back to sleep you go on-line and you see that your dream is in fact reality!

People often purchase Christmas ornaments to reflect something they did during the year, which could explain why coronavirus-related Christmas ornaments are selling out!

Yahoo Lifestyle reports that Old World Christmas, a holiday company which usually releases about 150 new glass ornament designs each year, has already sold out of pandemic-related ornaments, including one that shows Santa wearing a Face Mask, one that looks like a bottle of blue hand sanitizer, and even a shiny roll of toilet paper with the year “2020” written on it.

The description of the toilet paper ornament reads, “Toilet paper never made headlines like it did during the COVID-19 pandemic. People stockpiled it, fought [over] it in stores and even created a TP bootleg market!

Santa says that kind of behavior puts you on the naughty list this year!



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