7 Crazy Calls to 911 in Kittitas County This Month

7 Crazy Calls to 911 in Kittitas County

Out of the hundreds of phone calls made to the emergency hotline in just the past two weeks, there were at least seven (7) crazy calls that people made to the Kittitas County 9-1-1. There are many times in life when calling the 9-1-1 help line is your last resort before you lose your entire mind. In some cases, however, people should have either handled the issues like a mature adult or "just sat there and ate their food."

I do get it though, taking matters into our own hands by dealing with the issue directly with the person we are beefing with could get dicey. But some people throw common courtesy out the window and think to themselves, "Forget Ghostbusters, there is something strange happening in my neighborhood, so I'm calling 9-1-1!"

Here are seven calls reported by the Daily Record Newspaper in Kittitas County that just made me giggle.


1. A Cow ran somebody's car off the road.

A white and black cow reportedly ran the reporting party’s vehicle off the roadway on Alford Road and Look Road. There was damage to the vehicle. - Daily Record, Kittitas County

I hope the bovine said, "B***h, I'm a cow."


2. A skateboarder didn't give a BLEEP about rolling down the middle of the street in busy traffic.

A 20- to 25-year-old man in a sweatshirt and black shorts reportedly was riding a skateboard in the middle of traffic on South Canyon Road. - Daily Record, Kittitas County

Maybe the sidewalks were too rough for the wheels, did the caller think about THAT?


3. Angry person refusing to leave because he was upset about his sandwich.

There was a report of an irate male customer, upset about his sandwich and refusing to leave on state Route 97. - Daily Record, Kittitas County

I get it, sometimes I feel irate when I ask for no lettuce and mayo and they put lettuce and mayo on it. But I would just leave, see that's the difference between me and this customer!


4. Older guy's raunchy t-shirt was a bit too vulgar for whoever rang up 911.

Four or five men reportedly were walking on North Second Street in Roslyn. One man, approximately 40 to 50 years old, was wearing shorts that had a photo of men’s genitals and were naked in the back. - Daily Record, Kittitas County

I'm sorry but this report just makes me giggle like a school kid.


5. Someone dumped a mattress, a couch, and a freezer on the side of the road.

A couch and mattress reportedly were abandoned on the corner of Maci Court and Columbia Street...A freezer reportedly was dumped on the roadway on Tipton Road and Look Road. - Daily Record, Kittitas County

Was it too far to just drive it to the Ellensburg dump (Kittitas County Solid Waste)?


6. Livid resident threatened to shoot up his neighbor's yappy dogs.

A neighbor threatened to shoot the reporting party’s dogs if they didn’t stay in their yard on Pelton Avenue in Easton. - Daily Record, Kittitas County

Maybe the dogs were trying to tell him an important message. It's not their fault that they don't speak Humanese. Perhaps they feel that the louder they bark, the more he'll get it.


7. A driver is furious over the pine cones coming from his neighbor's yard.

The reporting party’s neighbor’s pine tree drops pine cones on the roadway and are irritating to the reporting party to have to drive over on West First Street in Cle Elum. - Daily Record, Kittitas County

I would be furious, too. The only pine that I want falling over me is CHRIS PINE.


There is also a daily police blotter podcast that you can listen to, courtesy of the Daily Record.

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