If you could bring back a former nightclub in Yakima for just ONE night, which one would it be? It is fun to go back down Memory Lane every now and then!

I was thinking about that question, which nightclub do I miss that much? Living in Yakima since 2002, I have a few that I could add to this list. I remember the fun times I had at Pete's Nightclub (now Second Street Grill). It was the first nightclub in Yakima that I ever went to. People were welcoming me into town and told me that I had to try the "A.M.F." drink and a "Buttery Nipple" shot. I am not allowed to tell you what "A.M.F." stands for but I can give you the gist: Adios Mother [REDACTED]!

The A.M.F. drink served at Pete's Nightclub had all kinds of liquor in it so it was the most popular drink to get people toasted pretty quickly. I had one or two of them that first time visiting and I decided it was way too strong a drink for me. I did enjoy the "Buttery Nipple" drink because it taste just like butterscotch!

Top 5 Nightclubs That People in Yakima Really Miss A Lot

Here are five nightclubs that people in Yakima miss--a lot! See if any of one of the ones mentioned below makes your list.

1. Susie's Wild West Saloon: 1023 N 1st St

It was the best place in Yakima to go line dancing. People showed up to party here from all over Central Washington. If you loved country music, this was the place to be.

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2. Arty's Bar: 1402 Fruitvale Blvd

This was a prime dive bar to go kick back with friends. It appealed to a few bikers and older folks, plus those who liked to do some karaoke. My first time there, I saw a bar fight. I'm talking the kind of bar fight where they break pool sticks over somebody's back. It was fascinating to me at the time because up until then, I had only seen a bar fight like that on TV and in the movies. Classic!


3. Blue Banjo: 22 N 1st St

It's hard to forget a place in Yakima who's unofficial tagline was "The Blue Banjo: You Can Get Killed!" This old club was so notorious, they wrote about it in the Los Angeles Times back in the late 80s!

4. Jack-Sons Sports Bar & Clubhouse Lounge

I am still kind of salty that Jack-Sons closed down. It was during the COVID pandemic, so it does make sense. No one was going out doing dancing of any sort in public and it made financial sense for the nightclub to close down. I will always cherish my memories of dancing and partying here. I enjoyed the 75 cent PBR beer can nights, plus I had my 33rd birthday party here. My friends made the theme "TOP GUN Movie Night" but I changed it to "My Sweet 33!" What awesome memories!

5. Pete's Nightclub

Pete's had a "cage" where the hot girls were supposed to dance in but it always seemed to be occupied by super drunk ladies who weren't exactly considered "hot". Good times, good times!

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