Urban Legends are something every state, city, and small-town carries, but in Washington, some of the stories get a little out of control. People all around the country believe some of these myths to be facts about Washington.

We put together a list of the most commonly believed myths about Washington and debunk them one at a time. Unless of course, there's some truth to the myth. So let's get started.

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5.) The Seattle Freeze is a thing

The Seattle freeze is the idea that everyone in Washington is cold and mean towards anyone they don't know. Walking thru any city you'll get dirty looks or unwelcoming words. Southern hospitality may be a real thing but the Seattle freeze isn't. Don't get me wrong, people in Seattle can be very closed off but more than anything that's just people in the city.

Go anywhere else around Washington and you'll meet some of the most polite and sweetest people the U.S has to offer. The thought that the whole state will give you the cold shoulder while asking for directions is just laughable. I've seen more people go out of their way to help others in need especially in Washington

4.) We're all obsessed with Coffee.

As much as this one is false it also has some truth in it, Washington is home of Starbucks after all. Some people assume because Starbucks came from Washington we're all coffee-dependent beings with no will to live without it. Sure some of us may feel that way but others could care less about coffee.

It may be the way for a lot of Washingtonians to start off their day but c'mon we're not mainlining it into our veins like it's the only thing keeping us alive.

3.) Underground Tunnels in Tacoma

The truth is there are some underground tunnels in Tacoma but they're used to disperse steam trapped underground. However, some Reddit boards say they were created to smuggle immigrants, drugs, trap unwanted prisoners or even stow away drunks. It's crazy what the human imagination can come up with.

If you've been to Tacoma you've smelt the aroma from paper mills and some of the other industrial plants from all around. At night you can see the steam venting thru manholes and sewer grates. None of this is new or even surprising to Washingtonians but outside of the state people think our world is that crazy.

2.) Seattle is the Home of the Colossal Squid

Where there is some truth in this they got some of it very wrong and we'll explain why. Now one of the biggest influences to name our NHL team the Seattle Kraken is based on the story of the Seattle Squid, however that squid wasn't in Seattle.

Believe it or not, the giant squid actually lived under the Tacoma Narrows bridge and has been spotted more than once by divers in the area. Some even go looking for it from time to time and see glimpses of it. This doesn't mean it's a Kraken-like creature in Tacoma just waiting to rip apart unsuspecting sailors.  A giant squid isn't ten feet tall or the size of a three-story building underwater, it's just a giant squid in comparison to other squids, so nothing to be worried about.

1.) Prop-man in Wenatchee 

This story goes back years and years with the story of a helicopter crashing somewhere in the Wenatchee wilderness. People claim they've seen the man out in the mountains or in the forest terrorizing wildlife and those unfortunate enough to come face to face with him. The story goes that a training exercise for the military came to a crashing end when the helicopter crashed into the mountains leaving no survivors but one.

The sole survivor was said to have a helicopter propellor sticking out of his abdomen, but he had transformed into something more demonic. They even have a section of the Wenatchee museum dedicated to this folk tale. Surprisingly enough some believe it to be true and avoid those woods for this reason. But all and all it's just another folklore in Washington...or is it?


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