Last Labor Day Weekend my daughter, Willow, and I hit the road for a trek to the Lewis & Clark State Park in Dayton, Washington, for a camping excursion with some of our close friends. We had a blast camping out there in the woods but I'll admit, I did get a little spooked out by the lack of street lights in the state park! Our friend showed us a cool yurt that was available for rent on the state park's property and she said that it wasn't even that expensive to rent.

Willow and I got a chance to check out the inside of the cool yurt and it was bigger inside than I imagined it would be. It made me kind of want to rent it for a Mommy and Daughter trip someday soon before the end of the year! Washington state has some pretty cool yurts and cabins you can rent and they aren't too expensive either!

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TIPS for Lewis & Clark State Park's Yurts:

1. You are not allowed to cook inside either of the 2 state park yurts because, hello, that's a fire hazard!
2. Time to reserve your yurt is limited to May 15th through September 15th of each year. (Plan ahead and don't be like I did and forget to reserve in time, LOL!)
3. The yurts are available through October 31st of each year.
4. Make your reservation for the yurts here or call them. Their phone number is (888) CAMPOUT or (888) 226-7688.
5. In addition to the rental fee, you will need to pay a reservation (deposit) fee, too. Click here for more info.
Here are five more cool yurts and cabins you can rent after September 15th (which is the cheapest way to go) for a memorable experience staying at one of Washington state's 124 wonderful state parks.

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They have yurts there with room for up to five (5) people and it's close to Mount St. Helens! (Weeknights are $59 per day; Weekends are $69 per day)


How fun would it be to tell your friends you stayed at a place called Potholes State Park?! You can rent a cabin here and, oh, snap, they have air conditioning! (Weeknights are $74 per night and Weekends will run you about the same)


You can rent the cutest little cabins at this place. $70 a night during the off-season. Did I mention it's near the BEACH?!

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We have another yurt on our hands! I love that they are so affordable, just $59 per weeknight and $69 per day on the weekends. Ahh, a yurt on the beach, and it's heated, too!


Cabins on the lake await for you to rent here. You can even bring your pet for a small fee. Just don't bring your cat. Willow is always trying to get us to bring along our little black cat, Fluffy! I'm like, "Oh hale naw!" $69 during the off-season, whether you want to stay during the week or on the weekends.
I tried to find you a yurt or cabin that is less than a three-hour drive from the Yakima Valley. I hope you saw something you'd like to rent on this list of five cool yurts and cabins to rent in Washington! You can see a fee list of every Washington state park with cabins, yurts, and rustic shelters to rent here.

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