Congratulations to the Yakima Vally Chamber of Commer for its selection of Joe Mann for this year's Ted Robertson Community Service Award.

So is that a big deal?  Here's how the Chamber sees itTHIS IS THE YAKIMA VALLEY’S HIGHEST RECOGNITION FOR CIVIC ACCOMPLISHMENT AND INVOLVEMENT.  Big deal indeed!


The Ted Robertson Community Service Award was established in 1989 by the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce Past Presidents/Board Chairmen to honor individuals each year that have made major contributions to the betterment of the Greater Yakima area.  Ted Robertson, former publisher of the Yakima-Herald Republic, held a strong belief that good fortune earned in a community should be shared with that community.  Ted also believed that we, as a community, ought to find more ways to honor people who distinguish themselves through their community service over and above their chosen profession.  The honorees are selected by the Past Board Presidents/Chairs of the Chamber for their inspiring leadership, achievements and commitment to the improvement of our community as business people and citizens of the Yakima Valley.

So, it IS a big deal.  And although he would NEVER admit to it, so is Joe Mann.


He's known as the "the unofficial mayor of Downtown Yakima"  but when not going about the business of making Yakima a better place, he's about the business of running his store, Ron's Coin and Collectibles in Downtown Yakima as well as being a major property owner.  

Chamber officials say Mann was chosen because of "his active participation in the business community of the city he loves and love it he does!. Joe was born and raised in Yakima. He attended Saint Joe’s Catholic School and Carrol High School. His roots run deep and strong.


And if I may add my take on one of Joe's many great qualities it would be this:  When you talk to Joe you'll realize he has a great gift of understanding.  Joe has the ability to understand BOTH sides of a situation, In my experience, Joe has empathy, sympathy, and the ability to see the emotional content of an argument .  BUT.  he also has the logic, commonsense, practicality, courage, and sensibility to weigh, measure and ultimately, to come to the best solution.

Joe's a big man, (though not as big as he used to be - share your secret Joe!) But when it comes to a man loving his hometown and going all-in whenever possible, that is truly big, and That's the Ted Robertson Award Winner, Joe Mann!

Joe Mann will receive the Ted Robertson Community Service Award recipient on November 4th, 2021 during the Annual Chamber and Ted Robertson Community Service Awards celebration at the Yakima Convention Center.


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