This will be a little (HA!) bit of a stretch but call it poetic license!

From Scotland To Cough-land, Freedom Is Worth The Fight

My all-time favorite movie is "Braveheart."  It's Mel Gibson playing the part of Scottish freedom-fighter William Wallace who rallied the Scots to fight for independence and was captured and killed in 1305.  One man seen as a righteous potential King was "Robert The Bruce" who at one point in the movie betrayed Wallace but ultimately went on to fight for and achieve Scottish independence from England in 1314.  (Where am I going?)

Last night I watched a movie called "Robert The Bruce", a show that picks up where Braveheart ends.  Eventual hero Robert lost a few battles and at one point he calls it quits. The English put a price on his head that both English AND some Scots try to collect.  It illustrated to me that sometimes the efforts of people trying to help their nation won't always be seen as helpful.  (Again, where am I going?)

Back To Current Reality

It's a dramatic leap, but leap ahead 700 plus years and the COVID conversation includes the concept of a "loss of freedom".  From mandatory lockdowns, mask mandates and forced vaccinations, a lot of people see -that which is allegedly being done in our own "best interests" - as taking from us our personal freedom.  A lot of people see the threat of a loss of freedom as a greater threat than the risk of getting COVID.

Yakima County Commissioner Amand McKinney has endured the slings and arrows of discontent over her pushback against government overreach.  She is for choice -YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE - as a free and independent American.

Proclamation Pulled, So What's Next?

She wrote a County Proclamation saying that Yakima County wouldn't accept government mask mandates, mandatory vaccines, or vaccine passports.  Her fellow Commissioners pulled the proclamation from the agenda and she came on KIT's Morning News radio show to share the backstory and what happens next.

At the 68th annual Academy  Awards, 1995's Braveheart took five Oscars, including best picture and best director. Check it out and if you have never seen the movie, I can't recommend it highly enough.

There is never a bad time for a little William Wallace style motivation!

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