For parents, some of their favorite days out of the year just so happens to be Mothersday or Fathersday, but did you know there's a kid's day? That's right March 17th is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, where you go out and celebrate what an amazing kid you have.

This may seem like another silly brush-off holiday but it's so much more, a lot of the time kids feel underappreciated, or they feel like they're not worth celebrating, but this gives them a day to celebrate themselves with the people they love most, their family.

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Lucky for you there are so many amazing and fun things for kids to do around the Yakima Valley, we compiled a list so you can go out and have a blast for Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.

3.) Yakima Family Fun Center

The standard for good family fun is of course the Family Fun Center in Yakima where your kids can run wild playing games, go-karts, miniature golf, pizza, and a whole plethora more things to do. This for sure will put a smile on their face.

2.) Get Air Trampoline Park on Lincoln Ave

Let your kids leap into some fun at the Get Air Trampoline Park, safe for everyone and loaded with fun things to do including trampolines, wall trampolines foam pits, obstical courses and a whole lot more. It's a garuntee your kids are gonna have the time of their life there.

1.) Nerds Lasertag and Fun Center

This place is amazing, loaded with new and old video games, pizza and of course laser tag there's never a dull moment here. Let your kids go wild in a fun enviorment with plenty to do, you may be out a few quarters...a lot of quarters, but it'll be a fun time they'll never forget.

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