3 of the Most Walkable Cities in the Pacific Northwest


You don’t have to have a car to get around three of the most walkable cities in the Pacific Northwest. Oftentimes in larger metropolitan cities, the public transportation system is so sufficient, getting from one side of town to the other is pretty much a breeze. 

3 of the Most Walkable PNW Cities (2)
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Here are the 3 most walkable cities that I’ve been to in the Pacific Northwest since I moved to this part of the US in 2002.

1 . Portland

Portland, Oregon
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The TriMet public transportation system will get you to where you want to go.  There are also streetcars in some sections of this hippie, trendy, and very walkable town.  


2 . Seattle

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Sound Transit is the best way to get around the city of Seattle and surrounding areas. Walking in downtown Seattle is probably going to be the fastest way you can get from Point A to Point B because if you haven't already heard, the traffic in Seattle STINKS! You can take the tram, city bus, or ride-sharing services to help you reach your walking destinations faster.

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3 . Bellevue


Bellevue, WA
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This lovely city has pretty much everything you need within walking distance, especially if you are staying in a Bellevue hotel. As I mentioned earlier, the traffic in Seattle stinks, and getting to Bellevue may be a challenge unless you take public transportation, Sound Transit buses frequent here.

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