Washington, New Mexico, Virginia - some of the states looking to pass tougher gun control legislation. Thousands turned out for a peaceful protest in Virginia a few weeks back but that didn't dissuade the Virginia House of Delegates according to the National Review.

"In a raucous session on Tuesday, the Virginia House of Delegates passed gun-control legislation that would ban the sale of certain semi-automatic rifles and make the possession of magazines holding more than twelve rounds a felony."

The House voted to approve the legislation 51–48, with all Republicans and some Democrats voting against." 

In Virginia, if you own a semi-automatic rifle the state believes is an “assault weapon,“ (including AR-15 rifles) you would have until 2021 to register the gun with government. The legislation bans silencers and magazines of over twelve rounds.

The legislation now heads to the state Senate, where previous legislation that would have enacted an “assault weapons” ban failed to get out committee, so that bears watching.

Check Here to track the status of "Firearms Legislation" in the Washington State Legislature.




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