In just over two weeks voters in the 13th Legislative District will vote to return incumbent Tom Dent (R) or they will seek change by electing new-comer Democrat Eduardo Castaneda-Diaz.

 The difference between the two men is as obvious as the candles on their comparative birthday cakes.  Dent's has seen 70 candles. Castaneda -Diaz just 27.  Dent is a 3 term incumbent from Moses Lake, Castaneda-Diaz is from Quincy and the first of his family of immigrant farmworkers to graduate from college.
Eduardo Castaneda-Diaz was invited repeatedly to appear on KIT's Morning News Show to talk about his campaign, the issues that concern him most and what he has to offer the voters in the 13th District. He agreed to appear but didn't pick our call.
Representative Dent is a Bison rancher and long time pilot.  His political interests are aviation, children, families, smaller government and lower taxes and a reduction in burdensome regulations.
At the time of our call ( 10/1920) Dent was in a two week fight with COVID-19.  He says he sounds worse than he feels but adds the virus is a serious opponent.   Here's our conversation with Representative Tom Dent.



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