A recent news release from Yakima City Hall reminding Yakamanians that "cruising" is against the law except for a few sanctioned weekends blew up on social media.  Most comments were not compliments.

People bored with the lockdown, others frustrated with a sense of government's overreach on their freedoms, still others who wanted to experience a bit of comforting nostalgia along with car club members and motor head auto lovers all took to the streets of downtown Yakima recently for some unauthorized fresh air and behind the wheel freedom.

The Yakima Police Department has made a number of stops and some arrests for non-cruising violations.but in the end enough dust was kicked up on the subject to induce the Yakima City Council to schedule consideration of changing Yakima's cruising ordinance at a future meeting

Yakima Police Captain Jay Seely was a guest on KIT's Morning News to share the YPD's perspective and requirements when it comes to cruising.

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