Newstalk KIT's shout out to Yakima schools, staff and students continued Wednesday (6-10-20) with a conversation with some of the amazing kids and and crew at Stanton Academy.

Too often extreme and unfortunate life experiences can derail a student's normal academic progress leading to a kid bouncing around from school to school or dropping out all together.  Stanton is the life preserver for those kids.

Stanton has a new facility and a new and changing reputation.  The troubled school for "those" kinda kids is now a welcoming academic family that more and more students are making their first choice for the kind of hands-on, one-on-one environment they want to be at their best.

Principal Dave Chaplin, teacher Brianna Henry and a couple of their academic all-stars (both with full scholarships!) joined us on the radio to talk about what it is that makes Stanton Academy such a special place.

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