Yakima Police are investigating a kidnapping and robbery reported early Tuesday morning. Police spokesman Mike Bastinelli says a 30-year-old man and 37-year-old woman met 2 men in the parking lot of the Caribbean Casino just after midnight for an unknown reason. "The two men forced the couple at gunpoint into the backseat of their own car." Bastinelli says the suspects then drove to a home on South 6th Street where the couple was tied up and assaulted. The men then drove to the couples home where the suspects stole items from the home and left the couple. The suspects then drove the couple's vehicle back to the casino where they took the stolen property and placed it into thier car and took off. Police arrested one 22-year-old man and are searching for two others. Bastinelli says the robbery wasn't random. He says the people knew each other from prior dealings.

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