Step into a blue and white trailer, one that puts you in the line of danger and tasks you with a decision that law enforcement have to make every day.
This trailer is called "LETS", which stands for Law Enforcement Training Simulator, and it puts police officers' skills to the test.

"It gives them the option to continuously evaluate: 'Do I have the right tool for the job, am I responding appropriately given what I am looking at and perceiving right now'," said Ron Huxtable, Clear Risk Solutions Trainer.

In the simulator, officers are equipped with an air gun and are put through five scenarios where they only have seconds to make a decision in a difficult situation.

"It was very stressful," Yakima council member Dulce Gutierrez told reporter Gilbert Magallon. "There are some scenarios in which our officers find themselves where it is difficult to know what the next move would be."

Like most, Gutierrez came out of the simulator with a new understanding and perspective of what it means to be an officer in a tough situation with only seconds to react.