Two times this morning I have seen posts concerning parents recently discovering just how rampant underage vape and weed access is for our Yakima Valley youth. The items might be coming from their friends but here is the kicker, that friend's parents could very well be behind the purchase of vape cartridges and weed!

Your Kids are Not Your Friends and Common Excuses

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  • They are going to get it from somewhere - possibly but that's not an excuse
  • They are old enough - no, they are not. Their brains haven't fully developed yet...that doesn't happen until their early to mid twenties
  • It's safe if it's at home instead of on the street - again, no. Just because you want to live that life doesn't mean you should be dragging your kids down that road as well. They are not your friends, they are your children and it's your job to be protecting them, not giving them access to stimulants that aren't legal for them to be consuming.

Suggestions for Parents Who are Concerned

  • Speak to your child about what is happening
  • Take notice of the friends your kids are hanging out with
  • CHECK their SNAPCHAT - if they say it's their phone or you have no right, who pays the cellphone bill? Again, your kids are not your friends and shouldn't be treated like the sounding board for your lack of judgement
  • Report adults that are providing access to children

When You Know But Don't Say Anything

If you know of something that is going on but you don't want to disrupt their home life, you just become part of the problem. Stop turning a blind eye or hoping that someone else will take care of the uncomfortable stuff. We all need to be in this together and when they are old enough to partake on their own, it can be their choice that they purchase with their own money. Stay strong and keep your Spidey-senses on!

People just because weed is legal for 21 years and older does not mean you should buy your kids weed or vapes. If you have a teen I suggest you go through their phones, their Snapchat, the Instagram. All of it and sit back and be literally amazed by what our youth is doing today and documenting all of it. They can even order puff bars or a vape online it’s very simple for them.  from Sabrina D

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