After the disaster in Oso, Yakima residents might wonder could a mudslide like that in Snohomish County happen in Yakima?

The Director of Yakima County Office of Emergency Management Jim Hall says a mudslide in Yakima County is rare but not completely unexpected. He says minerals in the hills surrounding Yakima are very different that those found is Oso, Washington.

That means our mud slides are much different from the one that has killed so many in Snohomish county.

“I don't think our landslides are as fast as that one was just because of our geology in the area, that doesn't mean it can't happen. I mean mother nature has a way of showing us that she's in charge once in a while and obviously in this case it was."

Hall says that for people who are worried about their home, find out if you live in a high-risk area and be prepared. Always have a plan for if and when a disaster can strike. And if you live in one of those areas and do not want to take that risk, Hall recommends you move.