I'm not a big fan of comedy movies but I have to admit to multiple laugh out loud moments in the 2013 movie  Meet The Millers starring  Jennifer AnistonJason SudeikisEmma Roberts, and Will Poulter. The plot follows a small-time pot dealer who convinces his neighbors to help him by pretending to be his family, in order to smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States in a rented RV.

I mention this for two reasons.  One, if during your personal pandemic sequester, you find yourself needing an awkwardly funny laugh, rent this movie.  And 2, if on the other hand, the social distancing thing is driving you nuts and you feel the need to gather your family and get away by renting or purchasing an RV, you are in good and overwhelming company.

Industry insiders report that RV sales and rentals have soared this season. Fox News reports that Outdoorsy and RVshare, both of which rent out RVs in a manner similar to how Airbnb rents out homes, report that bookings have surged more than 1,000 percent since the beginning of the season. Jon Gray, CEO of RVshare says, “RVs do afford you the ability to be socially distant. This summer, the idea of being able to take your kitchen, your bed, your bathroom with you is incredibly compelling.” Some are evening taking up RVing because they can now work their jobs remotely—so they’re going out on the road.

The folks at Yakima's Central Washington RV agree that the interest in RVs is unprecedented.  Sales manager Travis Heitman says they have been flying out of the lot, so much so in fact that there is a shortage of inventory here and everywhere.
Travis says he routinely gets call from Portland and Seattle from people looking to buy or rent. He says at this time, sales is their only remaining option and says they are open at 913 S. 18th St in Yakima.  Drop ins with masks and social distancing are allowed but he prefers to have appointments to best serve what is a growing number of customers who see the woods and the open road as a much preferred option to being closed in at home



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