In concept, a Region Crime Resource Center for Yakima County sounds interesting.

Significant crime and gang crime problems exist in many of the cities and most jurisdictions are short on resources, so the idea of teaming up, sharing costs, and spending some American Recovery Plan money on technology is at least worth a conversation.

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Sorting Out The Details

But there appears to be a few bumps in the road as the conversation unfolds.

Part of the problem seems to be found in the fact that the proposal comes out of the good intentions of the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments. (YVCOG).

YVCOG is a planning and coordinating entity that already works with city and county leaders in Yakima but not with any expertise in the area of Law Enforcement.

The Purpose Of The COG

YVCOG's mission has been primarily transportation and planning...YVCOG formation documents say:

the parties to this agreement recognize that the orderly growth and development of Yakima County, its cities and towns, and governmental subdivisions are matters of mutual concern to all parties


(there is) existing need for frequent communication and cooperation among themselves as matters common to, and affecting the public governed and served by the various parties to this agreement so that the best interests of the public may be served by coordinated plans and programs resulting in efficiency and economy in local governments,


(there is) the need to make technical services in the areas of planning, administration of programs and grants, and other services available to their jurisdictions in a cost-effective manner

Concerns Remain

YVCOG coordinates. It's what they do and so they are trying to coordinate in this instance too, but some of their ideas are getting pushback based on redundancy, questions of jurisdictional control, location, cost, and more.

Following a Yakima City Council Study Session on the plan, Councilman Matt Brown still has a number of questions and concerns.  He came on the KIT Morning News program with his take on the project so far.

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