Yakima County Commissioner LaDon Linde called KIT's Morning News to share a Covid update.

He says the phase three designation should make a big difference in opportunity and enthusiasm for local business.  Linde says the County is in the dark about what, if  and when a phase four may come about.  There isn't a lot of information coming out of the Governor's office according to the commissioner and so the County relies on the Health District for most of the information.

The commissioner says the metric of "number of cases of Covid-19 per 100-thousand population" isn't a totally accurate measure of how severe the cases we do have have been.

Linde isn't really concerned about the mutated variations of the virus that have turned up so far and he cites some medical literature that indicates a certain percentage of people who have a "natural immunity" to the virus.

Linde says with a few months on the job under his belt his belt, he's very much interested in seeking re-election.  He is stimulated by the wide variety of subject matter that commissioners deal with on a regular basis and looks forward to future challenges.

The commissioner has several goals for his time in office. First he wants to continue to see progress in fully opening up for business, he wants to be a good steward and watchdog over the county's limited resources and he says he want to make sure Yakima puts its best foot forward to appeal to new business and investors and that might include a physical "facelift" of sorts to make sure areas of the county are cleaned up.

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