The Yakima City Council meets Tuesday to talk about COVID-19 and cruising on Yakima city streets. Council members continue to conduct the meeting by phone since Yakima City Hall remains closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The council is expected to get a update on the current COVID-19 pandemic and the mayor plans to extend the emergency proclamation now in place.
Council members are also talking about ways to help local businesses during the crisis.
But the discussion that's expected to gain the most attention is talk about repealing the current cruising ordinance. Yakima Police Capt. Seely says the ordinance allows police to plan for those days when people will be cruising rather than respond to complaints from property owners.
Seely says they're simply concerned about keeping people safe and keeping properties from being damaged.

Currently cruising is only allowed on the second and third Saturdays of June, July, August and September.
The council meeting starts at 5:30 Tuesday. The meeting will air live at 5:30 p.m. on Y-PAC, Charter Spectrum Channel 194,  and streamed at

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