Doug Betterall says he's been notified by the state Liquor and Cannabis Board that he's being fined for the September 4th race and Loren Culp for Governor Rally at the Yakima Speedway. Yakima health officials say Betterall broke state rules when he held the events even though he was warned they were illegal under the current COVID-19 restrictions in Yakima County.
Betterall says he plans an appeal and doesn't want to say how much he's been fined but he says it's substantial. However he's hoping to see the fine reduced or possibly cancelled in the appeal. He says he's heard from hundreds of people who support him and are willing to help with the fine. He says he's thankful for the support but he's hoping to be successful in his appeal.
Betterall says he was told by an official on Sunday morning to cancel the event but he refused saying it was too late and that he was tired of losing money as the operator of Yakima Speedway. Despite the proposed fine, he says he still believes he made the right decision.

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