After a long or short day of doing what you do, there's nothing like a blended margarita and some delicious Mexican food! If you're searching for a spot for happy hour, lunch or dinner Foodie Friday's with Sarah J powered by Coca-Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities know where the good stuff is! Xochimilco Tequila Bar located inside Valley Mall!

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First, let me help you if you struggle with the pronunciation. Xochimilco sounds like SO-CHI-MIL-CO :) Rolls off the tongue and inspires flavors from that region of Mexico if you were not aware.

The molcajete is fancy and good for those searching for a no carb option, the blended or on the rocks margarita selection will blow your mind. Ask your waiter for suggestion because lime flavored is JUST the beginning.

I wanted to treat my friend Jacob to lunch after our latest Kid's Club at Valley Mall and having to only walk around the corner makes your shopping and treating yourself to something delicious SUPER easy.

My usual order is the camarones a la creme (shrimp in a cream sauce). OMG! It's flavorful cream features mushroom and bell peppers along with a side of cheese topped refried beans and rice and your choice of corn or flour tortillas, you'll be treated to a rch and decadant meal. The photos apparently are not as friendly but I can 1,000 percent this meal is incredible.

My hubs usually orders the supreme fajitas that features; chicken, shrimp and beef. Enough to share and comes sizzling on a cast iron plate. The experience will need to be repeated again and again.

Jacob decided to go with ceviche, it comes as a side but there's plenty to go around. I am a big fan of ordering guacamole to go with unlimited chips and salsa. Blended margaritas for the win. I went with a traditional and Jacob sipped on a strawberry version.

Another one of my all time favorite meals is chili relleno. I mean melted cheese for days stuffed inside a scorched pasilla pepper that's been dipped in an egg batter and covered in a delicious sauce next to those creamy refried beans and rice. I was so hungry I ALMOST finished the whole thing in one sitting.

I've been a customer for about 11 years and there are a few different locations around town so if you're searching for great food and delicious drinks, you've got to head to Xochimilco Tequila Bar!

Xochimilco Tequila Bar

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