Fox News contributor Todd Starnes has an interesting take on the USA Women's World Cup team.  You'll find it at the Patriot Post . He shares the concerns we expressed on the Morning News this morning.  Yes we are happy we won but no we aren't happy with the blending of politics and sports--especially foulmouthed politics.

The team is enormously talented and well coached but a little Trump Hate on the world's sports stage goes a long ways...too long for many Americans.
If you missed the championship game with the Netherlands and the celebration that followed, here's a video of the highlights.  The last images are of the team leaders leading a cheer with the crowd and dropping the American flag to the ground like a discarded beach blanket in the process.  Another player is seen galloping into frame to pick the flag up off the ground and there the video clip ends.. And there you see all you need to see about certain team member's love of and respect for the country.
Todd Starnes puts it this way. " Just because you’re suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome is no reason to be a jerk. Nobody likes a sore loser and nobody likes a bad winner.  And many American soccer fans have grown tired of the boorish, unpatriotic behavior of the women’s soccer team.  The United States women’s soccer team may have won the FIFA World Cup, but I’m afraid it is precariously close to losing America."
Check out Todd Starnes' full column.  See if you share his observations.



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