On Sunday the New England Patriots will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars for the AFC Championship and spot in the “Big Game”.  BUT quarterback Tom Brady landed on the injury report on Wednesday after a injuring his right hand in a collision with a teammate.  Now EVERYBODY in New England and half the country is wondering about Brady’s hand.

Brady didn’t practice Wednesday or Thursday which is apparently a big deal in NFL land.  His hand was X-Rayed but nothing was broken.

ESPN reports he’s OK to play on Sunday but “questions remain”!

So today at a press conference Coach Bill Belichick was his usual noncommittal self.  How’s Brady? – Check the injury report.  Will this affect the game plan? – Hmm I don’t know.  That sort of --y’all are wasting my time—kind of a responses he frustratingly gives.

The Business Insider is reporting that the gambling community is speculating about Brady’s hand,  “ Las Vegas also seems to be a bit concerned that the injury is more substantial than the Patriots might letting on, as the Patriots' line has dropped from -9 to -7.5 over the past two days.”

A quote from the Boston Globe really best captures how the Patriots handle these kinds of things.  When asked by reporters about how Brady looked on Thursday, Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy replied, “he’s handsome.”

Yes, yes he is.   I’m picking the Patriots.

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