One of the KIT regulars has made the Forbes magazine's latest list of the highest earning celebrities of 2016.  Coming in at number 10 with a cool 79-million is Rush Limbaugh.  If he could sing he would still need another 90-million to catch the sweetheart of the radio  TAYLOR SWIFT.
Taylor's earnings were $170 million this year and her music earnings are supplemented by endorsement deals from Apple, Diet Coke, Keds and others.

The rest of the top-10:
10. Rush Limbaugh, $79 million
9. Adele, $80.5 million
8. Soccer star Lionel Messi, $81.5 million
7. Howard Stern, $85 million
6. Kevin Hart, $87.5 million
4. (tie) TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, each $88 million
3. Novelist James Patterson, $95 million
2. One Direction, $110 million
1. Taylor Swift, $170 million

FYI: Other notable celebrities: Katy Perry (#63 with $41 million), Kim Kardashian (#42 with $45 million), and Britney Spears (#99 with $30.5 million). Top grossing couple is BEYONCE and JAY-Z, who made $107.5 million together.