There is a belief that celebrities always die in groups of three. There is some evidence that points to that, and then there's logic that refutes it.

I'm not sure if I believe it is preordained or destiny but if I were a famous dude named Chuck right now, I'd be a little bit nervous.

With the passing of rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry on Saturday, followed closely by television game show legend/CIA assassin (?) Chuck Barris dying yesterday, it seems that the Grim Reaper has his sights set guys named Chuck.

If I were in a Celebrity Death Pool, my first round pick at this point would be 94-year-old aviation legend Chuck Yeager. After that, the list of 70-somethings named Chuck gets tight.

"Walker, Texas Ranger" himself, Chuck Norris is 77, but we all know that he'd give the Grim Reaper a roundhouse kick and be done with it, so it couldn't possibly be him. Game show host Chuck Woolery is 76 as well as master of the flugelhorn Chuck Mangione. The man the Rocky Balboa story is based loosely upon, Chuck "The Bayonne Bleeder" Wepner, is 78 but that dude once went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali, so it couldn't be him, either. The former lead singer of the band Three Dog Night, Chuck Negron, is 74 and nobody knows how that fellow is even still alive!

After that it gets a little murkier.
Politicians? If so, Chuck Hagel and Chuck Schumer had better be afraid as well as political talking head Chuck Todd.
If it's someone from the sports world, then MMA great Chuck Liddell, NFL coach Chuck Pagano and NBA great Chuck "The Rifleman" Person.

If death decides to keep going in somewhat alphabetical order though, rapper Chuck D had better not sit near any open windows anytime soon!

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