One of the stories making news today is President Trump's interest in a big military parade for later this year.  The President witnessed and was impressed by France's Bastille Day parade and would like to see something even bigger and better for the USA.  America last held such an event back in 1991 following the Gulf War but they certainly aren't common by any means like in Russian and North Korea.

So what's the deal?  Do we need to show off to the world  -OR- is it time to honor our military personnel?  Naturally those on the left are dragging out every derogatory thought and reason for such a gaudy display but let's push past that for a moment and consider the question without the shadow of the President.

Do you think a big, like really big, military parade is a good idea in and of itself?  Would it help pull the country together or would it be one more point of division?  Would it really extend honor and appreciation to our military that everyone can support or does it become a talking point for criticizing the White House?

It is outside the norm but does the norm include enough understanding of and appreciation for our military?  Would such and in-your-face display be part of Trumps swamp draining behavior?

What do you think? Do you support a military parade?  Go to our facebook page and share your thoughts and we'll talk about them on the radio. Thanks!

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