The ski season in the Pacific Northwest is still on hold because of a lack of snow, but not a lack of excitement. An early start to winter had a lot of people excited initially, but the lack of snow in the past three weeks now has people wondering if there will even be an early December opening of ski resorts in the state.

Sig Fossum, owner of the Sporthaus in Yakima, says lots of people are excited about the season, purchasing boots, skis, goggles and clothing and getting fitted for rental equipment. He says the buzz of the season has arrived even if there's still more snow needed before the White Pass Ski Resort can open for the season.

White Pass General Manager Kevin McCarthy was hoping for a Dec. 6 opening, but he says there's still not enough snow covering the mountain to start operations. McCarthy will appear on the Morning News on KIT at 8:15 a.m. Thursday to talk more about the season and let everyone know when an opening might be possible.
Currently only Crystal Mountain and Mission Ridge ski resorts are open in the state of Washington.

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