According to the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business and the City of Pasco, there's a start 'month' for the voter-approved Pasco Aquatic Center.

 The new tax will go into effect in January 2023

The new tax that was approved by voters to pay for the project will begin in January of 2023, a 2/10th of a percent sales tax that will fund the $40 million-dollar facility.

Voters approved it in April, it will be located most likely somewhere between Road 68 and Road 100 in the Broadmoor Area. When it was presented to voters, a specific location was not specified.

  The tax goes into place in January, and officials say they have a target of October 2024 for it to be completed. According to the TCAJOB, Pasco has hired former Mayor Matt Watkins to help spearhead and lead the project, based upon his community experience.

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Some of the hurdles still facing the project, according to TCAJOB, include its finished design, state approval, and hiring a contractor--just to name a few.

About 9 years earlier a similar larger water park proposal put out that would serve the entire area was rejected due to voters in Kennewick and Richland. Pasco-area voters had approved it.

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