Now that he's been found guilty of sexual assault and assuming it holds up on appeal, what should happen to Bill Cosby?

We hear complaints all the time about how the rich and powerful get preferential treatment and that there is a separate form of justice for them.  Politicians, media, entertainment, sports figures all seem to face an easier legal path.  So what about Bill?  He's old, plus he's done good things in the past, and he likes kids and jello and blah, blah, blah.

But Lady Justice is supposed to be blind!  All victims should expect equal treatment for themselves and for those found guilty, right?

Cosby is a sexual predator and will have to register as one.  Fines?  He's said to be worth 400 Million dollars so what impact can any kind of fine make on him?

Incarceration? Yes.

He took away the freedom of choice for dozens of women.  He forced his will on them.  He dictated what would happen to their bodies in a moment of extreme vulnerability and defenselessness. He admits to it, he repeats it and he has not shown any remorse for it.

So going to prison like any other garden variety criminal is the right punishment for someone thought he was above the law, someone who America placed on a pedestal and who then reaped all the significant financial and social benefits of our trust and adoration, only to use his privileged position of influence in the committing of serious sex crimes.

At a minimum, Cosby is facing 10 years on each of 3 second degree felonies which could be consolidated to be served concurrently.

According to ABC News, "Pennsylvania law allows sentencing judges to consider uncharged conduct. In Cosby's case, that could involve more than 60 other women who have accused him of assaults dating to the 1960s. Five of those accusers testified against him at the retrial. The allegations could lead to a stiffer sentence if he is convicted."

He's lead a great life and along the way he destroyed the confidence, hopes, dreams and lives of scores of innocent victims.  Now it's his turn.  Fat Albert has got to go to prison.



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