We all got a pretty good look at the difference between the political left and the political right this week during the Ford/Kavanaugh debacle.  How do you feel about your leadership today?

Our blogger buddy and political observer Tim Bryce took a a shot at differentiation in one of his  interesting columns.  Here's a tidbit:

    "...In this respect, the difference between liberals and conservatives is essentially no different than art versus science. An art form relies on the intuitiveness of the person performing the work, something that is difficult, if not impossible, to pass on to another human being. For example, apprentices serving under an artist may try for years to emulate the master, but may never attain his level of skill and creativity. In contrast, a science is based on a governing body of proven concepts and principles and, as such, can be easily taught to others. What I am suggesting herein is that liberals tend to gravitate to art, and conservatives towards science. Whereas liberals yearn for unbridled freedom of expression, conservatives prefer a methodical approach for living their lives."

 He makes a number of interesting points worth checking out and we encourage you to do just that. Thanks for sharing Tim Bryce.  One more observation: "...So, are liberals smarter than conservatives, or is it a simple matter of different wiring based on the art versus science analogy?

 For Tim’s columns, see:   timbryce.com


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