Today 5/25/21 on The Morning News we talked about Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his reaction to a new US Army recruiting video.  He thinks it's ridiculous. I think he's right.

Let's start with this. Here is the recruitment video.

"A way to find my inner strength and maybe to shatter some stereotypes along the way."   SO that's the recruiting message? THAT'S the recruiting mission?  I went into the Army to shatter some stereotypes?

I thought people went into the Army to serve their be part of something bigger than protect and preserve the freedoms and the quality of life we all a previous recruiting ad used to say - to do more before 9am than most people do all strip away the individual and become a part of a team.  We don't look for that anymore?

That's what Senator Cruz was wondering when he accused left leaning politicians and the media for emasculating our military and turn them into "pansies".  Naturally the left unloaded on Cruz.  When the Senator showed America's ad in comparison to a Russian recruitment ad he was accused of promoting Russian propaganda.  Alleged comic Tommy Campbell shares the take from the left.  It's weak, like the ad itself.

On the other side of the coin are those who agree with Cruz's disapproval and there would seem to be a lot more of them than those who support the ad.   That's just another chapter in the upside down book of life in America today,  When you consider the comments had to be shut down due to the volume and negativity in response to the ad and when you check the likes vs dislikes comparisons across various sites posting comments and reactions to the cartoon  er, ad...and it would seem a majority feels the ad misses the mark.

Cruz isn't perfect. He makes mistakes, unforced errors if you will and his ego can get in his way from time to time but he is more than his mistakes.  He is a patriot who loves his Country and he is someone willing to call out the left when they have it now.

For the record, the Business Insider made this video about Army Boot Camp.

I went through boot camp in 1974.  It was a challenge but it was also an important transition in becoming an America loving adult.  Hooah!

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