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With a three day weekend ahead, we gotta talk a little beer.  The other day I posted how drinking moves you up the happiness scale - so that’s science, not the alcohol talking.  The assumption is of course we all drink responsibly.

That having been said, beer has been known to contain some weird flavor additives, but a new ale from a team of Australian brewers may be one of the most unusual.

Grab the harpoon and watch for the great white head of foam! Moby Dick Ambergris from Robe Town Brewery is brewed with a "pungent, musky substance" called ambergris, which is also known as, well, whale vomit.

You may be more familiar with it as Ambergris - a solid waxy material which scientists believe is formed in the intestines of sperm whales. It is said to aid in digestion, but when the animal dies, it's regurgitated into the ocean. Since it's so difficult to come across, it's very expensive, and a one pound piece sold for $63,000 back in 2012.

These days, perfumers use it to enhance scents and give them staying power, and the stuff is even said to have an aphrodisiac quality. So why is it in beer?

One of the brewers behind Moby Dick, says a friend found a lump of ambergris on a nearby beach, and when he heard it was used in perfumes he decided to try putting the aroma of the stuff in beer. Some describe the brew as "surprisingly sweet," while others are reportedly disgusted with it.

There’s no accounting for taste…stay tuned to a tavern near you.