The city of Yakima is trying to get more people volunteering to clean up the city.

So far this year several projects have been completed through volunteer work. Franklin Park was cleaned up thanks to volunteers in the area, and the city wants to get more people involved with clean up to make the city more attractive.

One person said it is the right thing to do to make a city livable.

"I think it makes a lot of sense if you look in the Northwest, a lot of other cities are already doing it," said Yakima visitor Dena Simonds.

Additional clean-up days are starting around the city. Volunteers have already cleaned up several parks and buildings in the area.

This past spring many people participated in spring clean up days held through the parks department.
This is part of the Yakima clean up and revitalization effort to improve Yakima's appearance and vitality.

The city also has plenty of volunteer opportunities to get people involved with local government, if you are interested you can fill out an application and submit it to the clerk's office at city hall.