You can go to farmer's markets for the freshest produce - OR - the farm can come to you!!

I'm sure we don't have to explain this concept to most of you...but just in case, SpruceEats defines Farm-to-table: " At its heart, farm-to-table means that the food on the table came directly from a specific farm, without going through a store, market, or distributor along the way.... Restaurants are usually the quality and freshness of the food they get from the farms...Farmers benefit by being able to reap more of the profit their goods can earn at market, and many enjoy knowing how their food will be treated and cooked."

And that, in a nut shell, is what the new venture from Valicoff Farms is all about.  Owner Rob Valicoff  says his grandfather used to sell direct to customers and it's something to which he has hoped to return and now the timing is right as Valicoff Farms will celebrate their 100th year of operation this summer.

Valicoff has Farm-to-table relationships with a number of restaurants in the Seattle area and he is looking forward to expand that quality and convenience to customers in the Yakima valley.  That means the rest of us, not just his restaurant customers, can enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of Valicoff's labor delivered on a regular basis to our homes.

At Valicoff Farms website you'll find a listing of the flowers, fruits, vegetables and wines available for delivery and you'll be able to sign up for the service there.

for more information you can contact Rob at  PH:(509) 949-5050  Email:   300 Frontage Rd   Wapato, WA 98951

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