The United States, Canada and Mexico have entered an arrangement to enhance collaboration on avian influenza. Along with their poultry and egg industries, the countries signed the agreement this week to work toward harmonizing procedures for responding to possible future detections of the virus. The agreement recognizes that the spread of the virus by migratory birds is perhaps one of greatest challenges facing the global poultry industry, according to the countries. They say as partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement, they must harmonize their methods for dealing with avian influenza to keep their poultry production systems safe and sustainable, and to minimize trade disruptions.

A new study suggests agriculture could represent nearly half of the growing market for commercial drones. A survey found sales of commercial drones could jump from $261 million in 2015 to $481 million this year, with 48% expected to come from agricultural applications. The FAA recently announced new regulations regarding the use of drones.  In December, the FAA said all drones between a half pound and 55 pounds need to be registered with the agency.