Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it!  We've all heard the jokes about weathermen only being right half the time --but in light of the U.S. departure from the Paris Climate Accord and with summer bearing down on us, let's really look at the track record of our fearless forecasters.

According to a story from the news aggregator site Newser, a new report from ForecastWatch says that weathermen and weatherwomen really are getting better at forecasting.

It makes sense that it would be more difficult to be accurate forecasting several days into the future.  So what's encouraging is that the new info shows a five-day forecast today is as accurate as three-day forecasts were a dozen years ago. The improvement is a compilation of better air and oceans observations, a better understand of how weather works and more efficient technology.

Would you be a success at your job if you were right just 80 percent of the time?  Meteorologists are now reaching the point where they get tomorrow's high temperature right nearly 80 percent of the time.  Eleven years ago they got it right just 66 percent of the time.

How trustworthy is todays weather forecast?  Enough to impact the National Pastime - Major League Baseball now moves games around based on forecasts.  (Newser)

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