Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images
Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

President Donald Trump won the State of Louisiana with 58% and by nearly 400-thousand votes in 2016.  But not everybody in the Big Easy takes it easy when it comes to the President.

Case in point  - Pine High School in Washington Parish Louisiana, where it took a high school Senior student to stand up for his rights and ultimately teach the class, the superintendent and school board a lesson on Free Speech.

WWL radio reports , " Senior Ned Thomas was participating in the school’s “Seniors Paint Your Parking Spot” program and had his design approved by the principal, only to have it painted over after a paid artist completed the image."

The school gave seniors the chance the paint their assigned parking spaces for a $25 fee, and student Ned Thomas had a portrait of Trump painted in his. However, Superintendent Frances Varnado, with the school board's approval, painted over the image, saying it was too political, and that she was concerned it would, quote, "cause further division and disruption among students."

The parking spot paint job of President Trump sported an American flag headband and matching aviator sunglasses. Thomas says the rules were simple: no negative, rude, or offensive language, pictures, or symbols, so his picture would seem to fit.

So with that as the guideline, what's young patriot supposed to do?  Take the school board to court, that's what.  Seek an injunction ordering the School Board to allow for the repainting of the picture and request $200 for damages for the destruction of the first version...oh and attorney’s fees too.

Newser reports "Thomas' parents filed a federal lawsuit, and U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon ruled Friday in their favor on First Amendment grounds, writing, The painting of President Trump cannot reasonably be described as obscene or plainly offensive on its face, nor can it be construed as school-sponsored speech. Thomas says he's going to have the Trump portrait repainted."


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