Ask around and most people will tell you they have a favorite Holiday/Christmas movie.  Research shows there is science behind the emotion.

According to Popular Science, psychologists say all movies offer an "escape" from the real world.  "As holiday movies bring viewers into a fictional world, people are able to work through their own fears and desires about self-worth and relationships. Such movies can provide solace, reaffirmation and sometimes even courage to continue working through difficult situations. The movies offer hope in believing it all might turn out alright in the end."

Overall, watching holiday movies can generally just make us feel good, and many of them, funny or heartfelt, bring a message that the holidays are not about rampant consumerism, but rather goodwill and family.

There are a number of Best Holiday Movie lists on line but Entertainment Weekly (EW) says these five favorites top their list of the Top 20 Christmas movies of all time.

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

Put me down as a fan of the 73 years young It's a Wonderful Life!

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